Award-Winning Legal Practice

With over a century of collective experience in insolvency proceedings under state and federal law, Wasserman, Jurista & Stolz specializes in several areas of bankruptcy law and commercial litigation in New Jersey, and its team of award-winning attorneys provides outstanding consultation and legal representation services for businesses, individuals and other interest holders. The firm features some of the most experienced legal experts in commercial litigation, bankruptcy, out-of-court restructuring, asset liquidation, and more. Clients choose from an array of legal services to create a perfectly tailored legal plan delivered by legal experts who truly care about their clients.

When dealing with an overwhelming amount of personal debt or when a business needs to reorganize, the law firm’s team of specialists can help determine the best course of action with personalized and caring legal services.

Legal Assistance for Any Party

Ranked among the best in New Jersey for nearly its entire existence, Wasserman, Jurista & Stolz is the premiere bankruptcy legal service in the Garden State. Over the course of the past 40 years, Wasserman, Jurista & Stolz has developed the reputation of being an innovator in the field of bankruptcy. Since its inception, the firm has grown both in size and stature, principally because of the philosophy that it has maintained of providing professional, personalized and cost-conscious representation.

The many areas of expertise in which Wasserman, Jurista & Stolz offers expert legal services include: