Creditors’ Rights

New Jersey Bankruptcy

Helping to Affirm Creditors’ Rights

Wasserman, Jurista & Stolz represents creditors in complex, insolvency-related litigation under both State and Federal Law, including adversary proceedings in bankruptcy matters. The firm services secured and unsecured creditors and investors of all types and sizes of business and across numerous industries. Prior representation has included the filing of receiverships, involuntary bankruptcy petitions, enforcing liens and secured interests, negotiating with debtors and other related matters.

Ensuring Creditors Benefit from Due Process

Being a bankruptcy law firm specializing in personal bankruptcies and commercial restructuring, Wasserman, Jurista & Stolz has some of the nation’s most renowned experts in creditors’ rights and can help creditors with representation during:

  • Chapter 11 Reorganizations
  • Chapter 13 Restructurings
  • Chapter 7 Filings
  • State Court Insolvency Cases
  • Any Other Litigation Impacting Creditors

The law firm also provides expertise regarding dealing with receiverships, involuntary bankruptcy petitions, enforcing liens, negotiating with debtors, and other related matters of concern for creditors.

Creditor Representation during Debtor Restructurings

Wasserman, Jurista & Stolz has a team of dedicated experts who can help ensure creditors get their proper representation when debtors and other third parties might make it difficult to recoup some or all of a credit extension. When all parties to a bankruptcy or restructuring case have the best representation available, state and federal court systems work more fairly and efficiently for creditors as well as debtors.

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